A Day In The Life Of Me

Today’s my little brother’s birthday, and it would be so special for baby to be born today, but we’ll see how things go.

This week-long labor, combined with running after my very active boys is absolutely exhausting!  I’m more than ready to hold my little princess in my arms now.

I should be resting, but I have a house to get in order.  There’s a mountain of dishes and 3 loads of laundry to do.  I need to declutter my living room, scrub my kitchen, clean my dining room and take out the garbage.  That doesn’t even include the vacuuming and paper piles 😦

But Kayden is having a melt-down my eyes don’t want to stay open anymore, so a nap is my top priority at the moment.  Ah, life… 🙂  Cleaning will have to wait yet again


Week 35 aba Week 38

10304348_10152216168112120_1866936837560175037_n-1Baby’s actual age is 34 weeks – going into her 35th week, but her development is that of a 37 weeker – going into her 38th week.  So these stats are for those of a 38-weeker.  This coming week, baby will be about 6.8 pounds and measures in at around 19.5 inches long – about the size of a leak or large pineapple.  She’s mastered the art of gripping, and her internal organs are fully matured to handle the outside world.  Her immune system is still weak, but will mature with help from my antibodies during the first few weeks of nursing.

Fighting Gravity



Today is the one day baby’s not allowed to arrive, as my Mike is photographing a wedding four hours away.  So my plan is to stay horizontal for as much of the day as possible, in order to try to slow contractions.  This will be quite a tall order, as I have a lot going on today.

I packed all of our bags last night, which makes me feel better, but I still have my entire house to get in order.  Kailer’s cleaning up in Kaleb’s room and I’m cleaning up in the living room.  Today’s goal is to get Kailer’s and Kaleb’s bedrooms cleaned and organized.  Whatever I can get done after that will be a huge bonus 🙂


Early Labor

I put off posting this, because I know that it will put some people on high alert, and I’m at risk of being bombarded with questions like, “Did your water break yet?”, “Are you having a contraction now?”, “Are you sure you’re in labor?”, “Is it supposed to take this long?”.  But here goes anyway…

Early labor began on Tuesday with a few light menstrual-like contractions, which are very slowly becoming more intense with each passing day.  I’m still not really worried though, because there’s no set rhythm to them, and my water is still intact 🙂  Although I expected the princess to make an early arrival into this world, 34 weeks is still a little too early for my liking, even though she’s developing at the rate of a 37 week term baby.  The good news is that my labors are long, and I won’t be surprised if this early labor phase takes a week or more.  I’m making sure to rest as much as I can to try to slow or stall labor, but I realize baby will come when she’s ready 🙂

So, there you go – the final leg of our pregnancy journey has begun 🙂

Week 34 aka Week 37

So it turns out that baby’s measuring about 3 weeks larger than her fetal age, so although she’s technically beginning her 34th week, she’s matured at the rate of a 36 weeker, beginning her 37th gestational week.

week37This week (37) she’s about 6 1/3 pounds and a little over 19 inches long – about the size of a bunch of swiss chard.  At this point, she would be referred to as a “term” baby, but because the doctors go according to the actual age, her birth now would still be considered “pre-term”.

week 37-1Although I’m content with her staying put for as long as is safely allowed, I suspect she’ll make an early arrival.  Mike and I are both expecting to meet her within about four weeks, but we’ll see how things go.  I’m doing my very best to keep my sugars on the lower safe side, which will keep her growth in check, but she’s already dropped and I have frequent Braxton Hicks.  Info tidbit:  I was actually 6lbs. 3oz. when I was born  🙂

Mike and I are both in baby prep overdrive.  I’m doing what I can to collect all the essentials, with help from my mom, mom-in-law and amazing friends, and Mike is hard at work on the nursery.  The drywall is up, taped and puttied.  We’ll empty all the clutter today, clean the floor and place the essentials in the room.

I was invited to share our nursery photos on the Marc & Mandy Show in order to get some professional advice on how to arrange and decorate the nursery, which will be so wonderful, as my brain’s been in survival mode, and I haven’t been able to really think about the cutesy side of things like decorating and such.

Drywall’s Going Up!

Mike picked up the drywall to finish the dividing wall between the two new rooms, and is hanging it as I type this post 🙂  I’m hoping he has time to putty today so that I can post a photo soon, but with a big birthday party this evening, I’m not holding my breath 🙂  I’m just thankful for everything he’s been doing.

For some reason, I’m feeling a bit queezy today, and not sure why, but it’s getting in the way of me getting things done that I really want to.

A Day Of Appointments

unnamed (26)-1This morning I had my lineup of pregnancy appointments, beginning with a fetal assessment.  We confirmed that baby is indeed a girl, and is in the head down position.  One thing we didn’t expect to hear is that she already weighs a whopping six pounds.  That’s 2 pounds heavier than the average 32-weeker.  I admit the thought of delivering her now make a me a bit nervous.  My next fetal assessment is scheduled for August 12th at 9:45am.

My next appointment was my 11:00am prenatal.  I was seated in a room at 11:30am, saw an intern around 11:45am, and got to see Dr. Byrum (my delivery doctor) at 12:05pm.  My weight was 85.3kgs. or 188 pounds, and my blood pressure was a bit high at 122/82.  My urine was negative, and my fundal height was 31cm.  I asked if baby’s growth rate coincides with her development, and apparently it does, so that’s great news, because she’s measuring around 36 weeks instead of 32 weeks.  The doctor isn’t at all concerned about my lack of weight gain, and actually seems pleased, which puts my mind at ease.  The plan is still to induce at 38 weeks, because he thinks that baby is now on a slow normal growth curve, which is great news.  My next prenatal appointment is scheduled for 10:10am on August 12th.

After a quick chicken noodle soup lunch, I headed to the ACF department.  My final appointment was scheduled for 1:00pm with Dr. Ludwik who is filling in for Dr Kates, of the endocrinology team.  She too was pleased with my sugar levels, and scheduled our next appointment for 1:00pm on August 12th.

… And The Baby Drops

So, after this mommy took a long walk around IKEA yesterday, I began to have some nice uncomfortable cramping around 4:30pm, which resulted in baby dropping around 7:00pm.  It’s kinda cool that it happened on the last day of our 32nd week together 🙂  I admit I was a bit concerned that it might be early labor, as this little one is growing like crazy, but I’ glad she’s staying put for a little while longer.  This mother-daughter time is very short and very special.

I go for my fetal assessment tomorrow morning, and will know more about baby at that time.  My guess is that she’s long, but not too pudgy yet.  I’m guessing around 5 pounds.  And speaking of weight, I still haven’t gained any!  I’m stuck at 185 pounds and have been here since 28 weeks!  It’s a little odd, but we’ll see what my doctor says.  Along with my fetal assessment, I also have a prenatal appointment and a meeting with the endocrinology team.

I’m looking forward to giving you an update tomorrow.

Week 33: July 28-August 2

week33“For all the weight and bulk you’re lugging around these days, you’d think your little champ would weigh more than a mere 4 pounds!  But once you add in the placenta, amniotic fluid, and extra blood, you’ve got at least 10 pounds of baby and their life-support gear smooshed up against your organs!  In terms of appearance, your sweet lil’ looker is getting cuter and pudgier every day as they pile on that adorable baby fat.

And as you know all too well, your womb kick-boxer is getting stronger with every passing day. Heck, it’s even possible to observe a well-placed belly-wobbling kick just by watching your belly!  Here’s a fun game for when your kick-boxer is especially active: place a small object (baby blocks or a remote control) on your belly and see how far your star-kicker can lob that thing across the room!

Despite their obviously increasing strength, your bigger-by-the-day baby will actually start dropping their rate of movement in the last few weeks, no thanks to their restricted womb space.  If movement ceases for over an hour, drink some cold juice, lay on your side and wait for some added movement.  If nothing’s happening at that point, go ahead and call your medical caregiver.

Hey, did you know you’ll continue feeling your baby’s movements even during labor?”

Baby Prep Steps: Neurotic Nesting – Week 2

Here’s my list for week 2:

July 21-27

  • Monday – declutter basement
  • Tuesday – sort through bins from storage
  • Wednesday – hang drywall
  • Thursday – putty
  • Friday – sand putty
  • Saturday – set up basics in Kayden’s room

We’ve decided to complete one room at a time instead of tackling both rooms in the same shot.  I chose to finish Kayden’s room first, as it’s more essential for him to have his own room at the moment.  I’m so very pumped to be able to tackle some of my nesting stresses.  I’ve never been so eager to perfect our home as I have been during this pregnancy.  No room is safe from this monster mom 🙂